"It Just Works," My Arse!


Last weekend, I've got the following programs open:

* Firefox
* Lightroom

I'm copying photos into Lightroom off my CF card when the screen goes gray and a message says that I need to shut down the computer. Lovely.

That this happened within a couple days of the 10th Anniversary of the OS X public beta beginning and seeing all the articles about all the wonderfulness that was supposedly ushered in by the arrival of the cat-named operating system. I especially enjoyed the supposed feature that if one program crashed, it wouldn't take down the entire system.

Yeah, right.

As I type this, I'm experiencing SBBODs* and lags in characters appearing on the screen in Firefox as the computer lurches and hangs. Awesome.

I've run into a few people at work who have Macs at home and, since they lack the Dark Force-resistance that I do, are utterly convinced they've bought the Greatest Technology Ever. It's all I can do to restrain myself from punching them in the face and calling them stupid. iChumps.

* Spinning Beach Ball of Doom