Stand By For Standby Battery Failure


Sorry for the lack of updates, but since I barely use this barely useful MBP, there's been nothing much to write about it. It's turned into a $1000 netbook for light writing and web surfing. I'm contemplating selling it because it has little functional use that my armory of PCs can't cover.

What prompts this update is its sudden inability to hold a charge while in standby. For as long as I've had it, the one thing I have unqualifiedly enjoyed was the ability to keep it in sleep mode for days on end and open the lid, having it ready to use in a few seconds. However, a couple of weeks ago, I pulled it out, opened it and it didn't start. Hmmm. Tried the power button; nothing. Pressed the battery level test button and got one LED. The battery was dead and needed charging.

After a full charge and sitting connected to the power the whole time at home, I tossed it in my duffel for a weekend at the girlfriend's and other than a brief web surfing session, I didn't use it. Well, tonight, after a week of disuse, I pulled it out, checked the battery and, pfffft, it's nearly dead again.

There was a software point-release a couple of weeks ago, but I don't think it had an effect on sleep mode efficiency (or lack thereof) because the first rundown happen prior, but I'm not sure. A quick Google search was inconclusive, but a battery failure on a less-than-six-month-old laptop would be right in line with Apple's expanding reputation of shoddy workmanship and design, especially with the botch that's been the iPhone 4 (or as I call it "iFone Fore.")

Anyone got any ideas as to what's whacking the battery? Thanks.