The Never-Ending Dim-Bulb Brightness Saga Continues


I've posted about it before, but the saga of the random brightness settings on the MacBook Pro continues unabated. Despite multiple patches in the past six months, this heap of fail is still incapable of remember how bright it should be. It's just stupid.

Because it's impossible to set the dumbed-down controls to a precise level - like Windows nVidia control panels allow - I had to guesstimate a ballpark brightness setting (i.e. the third box to the right past the bottom ray of the on-screen sun icon) when I calibrated it and due to the defective Whack OS(u)X crapware, must be vigilant about what my settings are before working because there is no reason to trust the lousy thing. I just opened the lid from the previous session and the screen brightness had maxed out from my previous session in Lightroom. What if I started image editing again without realizing how it had changed in silence.

What is most appalling about the crazed Mac fanchimps are those who burble about how, "it's the only serious choice for graphic artists; nothing else can do what it can do." If they meant that no one can match the sheer crapitude of the Mac for critical work, I'd agree. But these poor sods actually think that Mac is superior when it's clearly broken and they're either too stupid or drunk on the Kool-Aid to recognize how busted their junk is.

Since the fanchimps still try to deflect my criticisms as "hating", I must restate the purpose of this blog and remind you dear readers that when I started the Dirk® vs Mac Project, I was looking to be convinced as to the merits of the over-priced Apple hardware, but as I ran into one usability hassle and performance nightmare after another, the unexpected Truth has come out that this stuff is generally craptastic and the fanchimps are not just stupid, but insane.

Another thing fanchimps yammer about is how superior the hardware is - as if Apple gets the "good" CPUs and components - and how the efficient UNIX-based OS runs on the hardware. Well, that's a lie, too. As I watch the Spinning Beachball of Doom whirl when I try to move from Chrome to Safari and change tabs, it's like using a five-year-old single-core PC with a gig of RAM, not a Core2Duo w/2GB RAM. I've had defenders blame Apple's poor performance on the apps, but that's just more fanchimpism in which all flaws are blamed on third-party applications. These same people happily ascribe third-party app problems on Windows machines as being Microsoft's fault. They're hypocrites on top of their madness and stupidity.