Seeking Help From The Helpless Help

With iLife installed (see previous post), I fired up the new GarageBand and was presented with the New Project window. One option is Songwriting. What does that do? I dunno. It's not as if Apple includes manuals with their products. (Because their customers are illiterate morons who can't read, but like to pay a lot to feel special with their shiny gnawed fruit logo products?)

So I fire up the GarageBand Help - which is a usability nightmare because it forces itself to be the top window so you have to minimize it to get it out of the way of everything. (Is Apple afraid their users are too stupid to know where the window went if they clicked on another window and Help disappeared, thus confusing them like a baby from whom you hide an object?) Since I want to know what Songwriting mode is, I typed...wait for it..."songwriting" into the search box. My result?

No help topics were found for 'songwriting'

Just lovely.

Just went ahead to see what it was and was greeted by this screen:

Now what? I'm waiting for it to just work, but it's doing nothing and there's no help available from the Help. I'm starting to hear Johnny Rotten taunting me.