Even Engadget Thinks the USB Port Nonsense is Inexcusable.

It took only 25 days from the date of my purchase for Apple to roll out their 2010 model refresh. The bottom end 13" MBP comes with twice as much RAM (4GB vs. 2GB), a 55% larger hard drive (250GB vs. 160GB) and a slightly faster CPU and longer-lasting battery. I don't really have buyer's remorse because I only paid a grand for mine and so far I'm not wishing I'd dropped a couple of bills more.

Anyhoo, Engadget has a review of the new Core i7-equipped MBP and you only have to get to the 3rd paragraph to find...

Still, we have a few gripes about the design in actual use that we wouldn't have minded Apple addressing in this round...There's also the frustration of the too-close-together and too-few-in-number USB ports of the left side. It's one thing to have only two USB plugs, but when putting a thumb drive in one obscures the other you have a real problem.