Line 6 Install = CRASH! KERNEL PANIC!!!

Well, the invincible Mac rep just took a critical hit has my installation of Line 6 POD Farm forced a reboot that brought up a multi-lingual screen saying the computer needed to be shut down and restarted. After another error on boot, I tried unplugging the TonePort interface and external hard drive and it booted up.

Went to install GearBox (another Line 6 amp sim program) and the installer asked that I plug in the interface. The moment I did, BAM!!! The MBP froze and I had to shut it down again. Nice. Apple must enjoy the kernel panic reports I sent.

With the peripherals left off, I installed and updated the apps and drivers. After several reboots and updates - it didn't help that one page on the Line 6 had one version of the software only for Line 6 Monkey to say a later version was available - it all appears to be loaded and stable. I used the TonePort DI to run Guitar Rig 4 and had a little fun with that. I just wish I had a higher resolution screen so I could see more vertically in the rack.