Mac Magazines Are Priced Different

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been busy and only been really using the MBP for screenwriting with Screenwriter 6 because it is so light and small. A bunch of the keyboard shortcuts that the Windows version has are missing, which is a bit of a drag. However, an interesting plug-in called Streamline, which scans scripts for places where slight edits can pick up substantial reductions in page count is only available for the Mac at this time, so even if I write on one of my Windows machines, I run it thru the Mac's setup to Streamline it.

Anyway, I was looking at the magazine rack at the Big Food Store (aka Costco) when I came across the Snow Leopard Genius Guide, a fairly comprehensive, consumer-level magazine with "178 pages of essential tips and techniques" promised on the cover. It actually looked pretty useful until I flipped back to the cover and looked at the price sticker....


Egads! I've seen plenty of imported computer graphics, Photoshop, and music mags from this outfit on the stands at Borders and they usually run $14-$16, allowing for shipping and exchange rates. But even converting the £12.99 price to good ol' U.S. greenbacks is still a shade under $20, so $30 is a pretty steep tariff for a sub-200-page magazine. I want a 350+ page book for my Jackson and Hamilton. Needless to say, it went unpurchased due to the endemic overpricing of everything connected with Apple products and accessories.